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Monday, July 30, 2018


     Miss Woodhouse, from Notes From a Hartfield Girl (https://notesfromahartfieldgirl.blogspot.com/), nominated Grace and I with the Leibster Award!!!  Thank you so much, Miss Woodhouse!  
Here we go!

Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award.

The lovely Miss Woodhouse from Notes from a Hartfield Girl!

Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you.


1.) Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? Katherine - Extrovert:) Introvert

2.) Describe your fashion sense in three words- Modest, Stylish, Feminine. I don't know!

3.) Who is your current, or most recent, celebrity crush? (Mwahahaha) Oh, I'm far above such trivial things....welll.....oh, alright!  We are watching Sense and Sensibility right now, so perhaps Edward Ferrars; he counts as a celebrity right???? Why are you so mean to us? William Holden and Steve McQueen.

4.) Do you like social media, or is it a waste of time in your opinion?  I like to stay connected with friends/family, so for that reason I like the opportunity Social Media gives.  But I do think that too much is not healthy, and a waste of time.  Currently, I am not on social media and I do think it can be a waste of time and that it is geared to be a look-at-me-and-tell-me-how-great-I-am venue, BUT that does not mean it isn't a good way to connect with people.

5.) Are you a Planner, or a Pantser, (or mayber a Plantser) when it comes to writing?  Oh yes, I plan, plot and connive on a regular basis. Not really, I tend to have a spur of the moment idea that sounds like the best thing since soft spread butter and then I get a few pages in and have no idea what I am doing or why I thought this was a good idea in the first place and then trash it so, no, I am not a Planner! 

6.) Do you prefer milk chocolate, or dark chocolate (And if you say you don't like chocolate, I shall think you very odd indeed)  Milk Chocolate!!  I love chocolate!  :)  Yay, I'm not odd!! :) Milk chocolate all the way!!!

7.) If you could do anything you wanted for a career, without having to worry about money or anything like that, what would you do?  I would start a Theater troupe, writing and performing it's own plays!  I would absolutely ADORE doing that!! Either be an actress or open a living historical farm/ camp where little or big kids could come and spend a week or a couple of days, completely immersed in a time period, probably somewhere in the 1800's.

8.) What's the most recent book you read and what was your opinion of it?  We were just reading Moving Mountains by John Eldridge; I highly recommend it! Rainbow Island by L.M. Montgomery. It was awesome and I hope have such an interesting and imaginative family/children!

9.) Do you prefer skirts/dresses, or jeans?  Skirts and Dresses! Skirts and Dresses!

10.) Current favorite singer? I don't really have a single favorite :) It's a toss up between Hadley Fraser and Ramin Karimloo.

11.) If you could trade places with a fictional character for a day, who would it be and why? Only a day???  Okay, I guess I would get homesick.  Anne Shirley, so I can be around Gilbert, of course! Only one character??? Grace O'Malley, from The Pirate Queen Musical, so I could fight for God and Ireland and have Tiernan always by my side, no matter what.

Give 11 random facts about yourself.

1. What counts as random....I daydream of Buttercream frosting! I squealed for a good 5 minutes when I saw we were nominated, I love you Miss Dashwood!!!

2. My family has a connection to the Von Trapp family. Our great- greandmother taught some of the Kennedy boys French!

3.  My siblings were watching The Sound of Music while waiting for dear little me to arrive at the birthing center, and by coincidence I love that movie/play! I desperately love to dance and sing and sing while I am dancing!!!

4. Grace keeps criticizing my answers! I am both amazed and terrified by water! 

5. I love to re - read books (you know, just the good parts). I like to go to my room, sit at my desk, put on some inspirational music and stare at a blank piece of paper for a while, philosophizing about all the great things that have come from a blank piece of paper and what I could put down on said piece of paper and then I start writing and... well... let's just say the trash fills up quickly!

6.  I don't really see what the big deal is about....dare I say it?  Star Wars.  'Don't spear me!', (Sid the Sloth, Ice Age) Me and Katherine at the moment are quoting and singing songs from our childhood VHS tapes like Kingsleys Meadow and Little Bear and Geo Kids!

7.  I laugh at my own jokes...even when no one else does.  I used to want to walk down the isle at my wedding to the theme from Phantom of the Opera! ( I'll probably do it at the rehearsal!)

8. If you are telling me something, my face tends to mirror whatever emotion you are conveying. I absolutely adore reading books.

9. I love, love, love to hairdress!  (I daydream about hairdressing too!) My real name ~gasp~ comes from a plant that is a cure for maddness!

10. I love rain, and stormy weather. I was the first black-haired baby in a den of red heads and my mother called me a papoose!

11. I crochet (or as we like to dub it - krotchett)! I can be very jumpy and am a screamer!

Nominate 11 blogs.

1.  Jessie @ The Butterfly Moments

2. Naomi @ Wonderland Creek

4. Rachel @ Hamelett's Soliloquy

6. Ariel @ Scribes And Archers

8. Ann @ Ann Without an E

9. Mary Liz @ Sunshine and Scribblings

10. Catherine Hawthorne @ Working By Candlelight

11. Heidi @ Along the Brandywine

Give them 11 questions to answer.

1. What is your favorite quote?

2. Share you're most used recipe?

3. Are you a writer, and do you have any published works?

4. What are some of your hobbies?

5. Are you a fan of musicals?

6. What fond family traditions would you like to continue when you get married and start a family? Or if these           joyous series of events have already arrived, what have you implemented already?

7.  What is one particular character trait that you would like to train your future/present children in?

8. What is a boy's and girl's name that you like?

9. Tell us a favorite joke?

10. Recommend three books?

11. What is a period drama you love?


  1. I loved ALL of your answers, especially the random facts :). It was so cool to get to know you two girls better!

    Thank you so much for the tag!! I don't normally get tags on Working by Candlelight, and this one looks perfect :).


    1. Thanks Catherine, I can't wait to see your answers!

    2. Thank you, Catherine! We will also look forward to getting to know you better when you post your answers :)!

  2. Thanks again for the nomination! I've posted my answering post here :-)

    Your random facts are really fun! For a while, as a teen, I wanted to have "All I Ask of You" sung at my wedding.

    1. Ohh, yay! We'l have to read it! Yes, All I ask of You would be a great song to have sung at a wedding....especially between the groom and the bride????!!! Who knows? I might have to borrow that idea!

  3. I love your answers and how much fun you are having with your blog.

  4. Whoa, your family history is so cool!! *is very impressed*

    And I gotta say, Grace, your answers about writing are #relatable. XD

    Aww, I love Star Wars, but then you quoted Ice Age, so I couldn't get that mad at you. ;D

    Fun post!

    1. Thanks Olivia! I'm glad I'm not the only one with writing/philosophizing problems!

  5. Thanks for the nomination! Hope it's not too late to take it. ;)

    1. Nonsense it's never too late! I hope you enjoy it!