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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Just a quick update!

Good Morning... or what ever time it is when you read this! I wanted to drop you a line or two to say that we are here... just extremely busy!

     Joy has come to Sunset Cottage in the form of a fourth boy, born late September to my dear sister, Jane and her dearly beloved Warren! Taylor was 11lbs 2 oz and is already lifting his head and eating ALL THE TIME!!!

     Katherine and I have been taking turns staying at Sunset
Cottage to help out with the other three boys; which has
been fun and challenging, as three boys between the ages of
one and six are bound to be!

     The youngest, Little B,  has some medical challenges so that has been a lesson in
serving and being brave!

     I've been here for two weeks? Yes that's right due to Katherine getting sick and am getting quite sick of dishes and laundry! We'll switch out soon and I will convalesce!


     Hopefully things will get back to normal soon and we will have the time and brain power to conjure up some delightful posts!

     Until then stay classy, live long and prosper, have fun storming the castle and we'll see you later!


     Grace at Sunset Cottage

Monday, September 17, 2018

Vacation Recap!

     Hello again, dear friends,
We are back from an amazing vacation to the Outer Banks, North Carolina! We had such an fun time, and now, to the details:


     First of all, our ever so dear friend Joy came with us!!! (Our parents conspired together if an effort to surprise us, but unfortunately Katherine and I are professional snoops and got very suspicious!)  We drove out to the Outer Banks, and let me tell you from experience that you get lots of bonding time when 5 people are trapped together in a mini van for 18 hours! With it being Joy's first time out of the state and to the beach, she was very excited and that made me all the more excited to share the experience with her!

     For most of our "vacation life", we have been blessed with being able to rent a beach house in the Outer Banks with our family. This year our brother, Richard, and one of his daughters, Cossette, who we haven't seen in 2 years since they live in England, were able to come for the week, along with our grandparents on Dad's side. It was awesome to see everyone again and enjoy the house and the beach together!

     The Beach......it was wonderful! The first day the waves were just perfect for body surfing and Joy, Katherine and I were having the time of our lives, getting slashed and pummeled by the waves, tasting the salt water (having it burn our eyes) and swimming between waves! Joy, a very good swimmer, encouraged me and Katherine to go out farther than we ever would have on our own and I am very glad of it. When the waves got really big and we swam over them like little ducks, it was sooooooooo much fun!!!!!


   One of our traditions when we go to Duck, NC is to visit all the thrift stores. On our second day there, we ventured out and revisited our favorites, finding all sorts of goodies! Joy found a book that had been recommended to me by my Grandmother and proceeded to read and ignore us all for the rest of the week... not really! She did finish it by the end of the week, and I don't blame her for reading it... well... maybe a little!

     On our last day, we drove down to Hatteras, and took the ferry to Okracoke Island. There was some rough water that really made the boat rock, which was awesome! Joy kept saying that if she could, she would dive into the waves! We had lunch at a restaurant and walked around the small town and got some of the best ice cream I have ever had! Coffee and Chocolate peanut butter Mmm Mmm!!! On the way back to the ferry Joy, Katherine, Cosette and I rode with Richard, who blasted a very interesting mix of 80's and country music in his neon blue rental car (so Richard)! We waited about an hour for the ferry and nearly didn't make it on with the rest of the family, who were in our mini van, a few cars ahead!  'When all hope seemed lost', and we thought we were facing another hour wait for the next ferry, they squeezed us on at the last minute!  As Richard said, 'the fender was hanging off the boat'!  For the rest of the ride home, Richard sang and did BeeGee impressions, I laughed my head off in the front seat, and Joy and Cosette pulled a full on Disco in the back seat before they fell asleep! It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip!


      Our dear niece, Cosette was so much fun! It wasn't her first time to the beach, but I think it was her first time riding waves! She is a daredevil, half mermaid! Since she lives in England, she has the most adorable accent that just melts your heart and makes you want to squeal when ever she talks....which we did more than once!!! We all got to sleep on two bunk beds in the same room and Cossette woke up at 5 or 6 every morning and then tickled our feet to wake us up. She is a precious girl!

Love this. I want to buy the farm up the road from ours and clean it up to something like this. Amazing!!                                                                                                                                                     More     

     But of course, all good things must come to an end......so we made the journey home at the end of the week.  It was so wonderful to be reunited with the sea, to feel the sand in between our toes once again, to spend time with Richard, Cosette, and our grandparents!

So.....did any of you go on vacation this summer?  Where did you go?  

Friday, August 31, 2018

Would You Rather: Classic Movie Edition

Hello, everyone out there in blog world and beyond!   Cordy over at https://writeoncordy.blogspot.com/  is hosting "The Month Of Classics Blog Party" and Katherine and I are participating!  Cordy posted a "Would You Rather" Game, and so here are our answers.  (Katherine's are italic, and mine are regular print.)

Would you rather dance with Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly? I have not seen any of Fred Astaire's movies, (a quick YouTube search showed him to be an amazing dancer), so I'd have to say Gene Kelly.  Gene Kelly

Would you rather star opposite Cary Grant or Gregory Peck? Cary Grant. Definitely Cary Grant!  Oh, Cary Grant all the way!

Would you rather be serenaded by Howard Keel or Bing Crosby? Oh, dear... I only know Howard Keel from 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers'. I guess Bing Crosby.  Hmmm, Howard Keel?

Would you rather share an airplane ride with Danny Kaye or Donald O'Connor? Nooooo, don't make me choose! Couldn't I just have one on either side in the middle row? Then no one would squabble about the window seat!  Donald O'Connor

What classic movie outfit would you steal?? (No you cannot say all of them! ;)) Honestly, I can't think of any off the top of my head sitting here, but I do like Audrey Hepburn's ball gown from My Fair Lady!

I think I'll pick this outfit from Emma; this was a hard question for me, surprisingly.

Would you rather be cast in a classic noir film or a classic western? Having never seen a noir film, classic or otherwise, I would have to say Western.  I'll be cast in a classic western film :)

Would you rather go on a shopping spree with Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly? Again, I do not know Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of fashion, grace and style so... Audrey Hepburn.  Audrey Hepburn.

Would you rather solve a mystery with William Powell or Myrna Loy? I don't know either of these.  I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with either of these people.

Would you rather imitate Jimmy Stewart's voice in front of Jimmy Stewart, or imitate Maureen O'Hara's "temper" in front of Maureen O'Hara? I love this question! Personally I think it would be hilarious to imitate someone's temper in front of them so that one!  Hmmm....Maureen O'Hara's temper!

Thanks so much for the fun questions Cordy and for hosting the Party, sorry it took us so long to post this!


Grace & Katherine             

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Dear Brat Movie Review

Dear Brat (1951) Stars: Mona Freeman, Billy De Wolfe, Edward Arnold, Lyle Bettger, Mary Philips, Natalie Wood, Frank Cady ~ Director: William A. Seiter

Now, this is what I call positively a prominent thing indeed; a third, a THIRD wonderfully witty, and hilarious movie in this charming Dear Ruth series!!  I must confess to you though that Bill Seacroft (William Holden), Ruth Seacroft (Joan Caulfield), and Ziggy (Raymond Roe) were, sadly, not in Dear Brat.  (Pardon me while I go weep bitterly on my fainting couch.............there, sniff sniff, I am back now.  I couldn't find, sniff, that couch I eluded to and therefore my dramatic outburst was utterly ruined in entirety!.......Actually I never stirred an inch from that from which I am sitting.  But you no doubt guessed that already.)  Ruth and Bill are still in the background of the story, as they take a trip and leave their twins to their family's care.

Dear Brat's Storyline:

Miriam Wilkins (Mona Freeman) further maintains her reputation for always conjuring up mischief, by hiring a new gardener.  (Yes, I said gardener). What is so bad in hiring a gardener you may ask?  Well, it does pose a slight problem when that very same gardener is an ex-convict!  And not just an ex-convict, but an ex-convict Judge Wilkins, (Edward Arnold), sentenced himself!

My Thoughts:

You will love this movie!  I am of the opinion that, though I love all of them, "Dear Wife", and "Dear Brat" are my favorites out of the three!  I must say that Miriam's new boyfriend in this movie is rather disappointing.  He honestly wasn't much help at all in the end where Miriam needed him, and after an argument during the movie, both he and Miriam never, really officially made up and ended things happily.  But Billy De Wolf (Albert Cummer) is once again in this movie and he and Mona Freeman play their parts to a T.  I hope you all get all three of the movies in this trilogy!  They were such a joy to find and add to our classic favorites!

Well, that's all folks!  Thank you, Cordy, @ http://writeoncordy.blogspot.com/, for hosting this Month of Classics Blog Party; it's been fun!  Talk to you all soon!

~ Katherine ~

P.S.  Here are a few sources for you to buy the "Dear Ruth Trilogy" from:




Sunday, August 19, 2018

Dear Wife Movie Review


Judge Wilkins (Edward Arnold) knew running for state senator would be hard, but he never thought he would be competing in the race against his own son-in-law, Bill (William Holden)!  But if if isn't bad enough, with rifts forming between the family members, Miriam (Mona Freeman) threatens to drive them crazy with her endless scheming!

Dear Wife was even better than the first movie, Dear Ruth, in my opinion!  Miriam and Albert are fantastic characters; they just heap hilarity into the movie!  Bill and Ruth are such a fun couple, and Judge Wilkins is a great father; you will all love him!  Oh, and Grace just reminded me of Ziggy, a friend of Miriam's - he is hilarious; Grace and I adored him!  This movie will become a new favorite for you, I guarantee it (no, it is not the money back kind of guarantee).  Oh, I just love this movie, so therefore you all must watch this and come to the same conclusion!  

*By the way, if you all are interested in buying the Dear Ruth Trilogy (yes, there are three, isn't it grand?), it is very rare.  I've heard that according to the Berne Convention that after 50 years, a movie becomes public domain.  Therefore, we bought the trilogy on eBay, from someone who was producing copies.  Here is the link to his listing:


Hope you all get this movie and love it!

Cordially yours,

~ Katherine ~

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Dear Ruth Movie Review

'Lt. William Seacroft (William Holden), on leave from the Italian front, arrives at the New York home of Ruth Wilkins (Joan Caulfield), with whom he has been corresponding. Unknown to both Ruth and Bill, Ruth's younger sister, Miriam (Mona Freeman), has been writing the letters and signing Ruth's name as part of a program to keep up soldiers' morale. Although Ruth has just gotten engaged to a coworker, she agrees to see Bill and pretend she wrote the letters -- which has unexpected results.' From IMBd

     Let me begin this review by saying that we are preparing to leave on vacation and are running around like chickens with our heads chopped off, soooo this review will be very short and no doubt not do the movie justice! All I can say is watch the movie! My parents have not laughed this much at a movie in a very long time! The acting was superb, the story line excellent and it has William Holden so hey, there you go!

Favorite Characters

The youngest sister Miriam, was my personal favorite character. Her patriotic rants about members of the last generation, war bonds and keeping up the morale of our boys, coupled with her serious expressions and semi-monotone voice gave her such comedic relief.
My second favorite character is Albert Kummer, who plays Ruth's sensible fiancee, assistant to the assistant bank clerk. When Bill comes home and Ruth decided to play along with the charade till he leaves, Albert is less than thrilled and uses every opportunity to play chaperone! His comedic timing is amazing and without him the whole movie would fall apart in my humble, but accurate opinion!

Wrap up

I would totally recommend this movie to everyone; there are no inappropriate scenes, no bad language (that I can remember), and aside from some kissing, no romantic flimflam! I will say that Katherine and I both thought the actress who played Ruth could have done better at portraying more emotion, but she is still very good and it is not such a noteworthy complaint as to miss out on the whole film! I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear feedback if you have seen the movie or hope to in the foreseeable future!

Yours truly

Monday, July 30, 2018


     Miss Woodhouse, from Notes From a Hartfield Girl (https://notesfromahartfieldgirl.blogspot.com/), nominated Grace and I with the Leibster Award!!!  Thank you so much, Miss Woodhouse!  
Here we go!

Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award.

The lovely Miss Woodhouse from Notes from a Hartfield Girl!

Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you.


1.) Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? Katherine - Extrovert:) Introvert

2.) Describe your fashion sense in three words- Modest, Stylish, Feminine. I don't know!

3.) Who is your current, or most recent, celebrity crush? (Mwahahaha) Oh, I'm far above such trivial things....welll.....oh, alright!  We are watching Sense and Sensibility right now, so perhaps Edward Ferrars; he counts as a celebrity right???? Why are you so mean to us? William Holden and Steve McQueen.

4.) Do you like social media, or is it a waste of time in your opinion?  I like to stay connected with friends/family, so for that reason I like the opportunity Social Media gives.  But I do think that too much is not healthy, and a waste of time.  Currently, I am not on social media and I do think it can be a waste of time and that it is geared to be a look-at-me-and-tell-me-how-great-I-am venue, BUT that does not mean it isn't a good way to connect with people.

5.) Are you a Planner, or a Pantser, (or mayber a Plantser) when it comes to writing?  Oh yes, I plan, plot and connive on a regular basis. Not really, I tend to have a spur of the moment idea that sounds like the best thing since soft spread butter and then I get a few pages in and have no idea what I am doing or why I thought this was a good idea in the first place and then trash it so, no, I am not a Planner! 

6.) Do you prefer milk chocolate, or dark chocolate (And if you say you don't like chocolate, I shall think you very odd indeed)  Milk Chocolate!!  I love chocolate!  :)  Yay, I'm not odd!! :) Milk chocolate all the way!!!

7.) If you could do anything you wanted for a career, without having to worry about money or anything like that, what would you do?  I would start a Theater troupe, writing and performing it's own plays!  I would absolutely ADORE doing that!! Either be an actress or open a living historical farm/ camp where little or big kids could come and spend a week or a couple of days, completely immersed in a time period, probably somewhere in the 1800's.

8.) What's the most recent book you read and what was your opinion of it?  We were just reading Moving Mountains by John Eldridge; I highly recommend it! Rainbow Island by L.M. Montgomery. It was awesome and I hope have such an interesting and imaginative family/children!

9.) Do you prefer skirts/dresses, or jeans?  Skirts and Dresses! Skirts and Dresses!

10.) Current favorite singer? I don't really have a single favorite :) It's a toss up between Hadley Fraser and Ramin Karimloo.

11.) If you could trade places with a fictional character for a day, who would it be and why? Only a day???  Okay, I guess I would get homesick.  Anne Shirley, so I can be around Gilbert, of course! Only one character??? Grace O'Malley, from The Pirate Queen Musical, so I could fight for God and Ireland and have Tiernan always by my side, no matter what.

Give 11 random facts about yourself.

1. What counts as random....I daydream of Buttercream frosting! I squealed for a good 5 minutes when I saw we were nominated, I love you Miss Dashwood!!!

2. My family has a connection to the Von Trapp family. Our great- greandmother taught some of the Kennedy boys French!

3.  My siblings were watching The Sound of Music while waiting for dear little me to arrive at the birthing center, and by coincidence I love that movie/play! I desperately love to dance and sing and sing while I am dancing!!!

4. Grace keeps criticizing my answers! I am both amazed and terrified by water! 

5. I love to re - read books (you know, just the good parts). I like to go to my room, sit at my desk, put on some inspirational music and stare at a blank piece of paper for a while, philosophizing about all the great things that have come from a blank piece of paper and what I could put down on said piece of paper and then I start writing and... well... let's just say the trash fills up quickly!

6.  I don't really see what the big deal is about....dare I say it?  Star Wars.  'Don't spear me!', (Sid the Sloth, Ice Age) Me and Katherine at the moment are quoting and singing songs from our childhood VHS tapes like Kingsleys Meadow and Little Bear and Geo Kids!

7.  I laugh at my own jokes...even when no one else does.  I used to want to walk down the isle at my wedding to the theme from Phantom of the Opera! ( I'll probably do it at the rehearsal!)

8. If you are telling me something, my face tends to mirror whatever emotion you are conveying. I absolutely adore reading books.

9. I love, love, love to hairdress!  (I daydream about hairdressing too!) My real name ~gasp~ comes from a plant that is a cure for maddness!

10. I love rain, and stormy weather. I was the first black-haired baby in a den of red heads and my mother called me a papoose!

11. I crochet (or as we like to dub it - krotchett)! I can be very jumpy and am a screamer!

Nominate 11 blogs.

1.  Jessie @ The Butterfly Moments

2. Naomi @ Wonderland Creek

4. Rachel @ Hamelett's Soliloquy

6. Ariel @ Scribes And Archers

8. Ann @ Ann Without an E

9. Mary Liz @ Sunshine and Scribblings

10. Catherine Hawthorne @ Working By Candlelight

11. Heidi @ Along the Brandywine

Give them 11 questions to answer.

1. What is your favorite quote?

2. Share you're most used recipe?

3. Are you a writer, and do you have any published works?

4. What are some of your hobbies?

5. Are you a fan of musicals?

6. What fond family traditions would you like to continue when you get married and start a family? Or if these           joyous series of events have already arrived, what have you implemented already?

7.  What is one particular character trait that you would like to train your future/present children in?

8. What is a boy's and girl's name that you like?

9. Tell us a favorite joke?

10. Recommend three books?

11. What is a period drama you love?