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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Pickleton Platue Part 3

Writer's Corner

~ Pickleton Plateau Part 3 (Finale) ~

     Character List
  • Rabbi Akiva Detwiler and his wife Rebbetzin Chava Detwiler
  • Mayor Mordecai Schapiro and his wife Julianne Schapiro
  • Mrs. Lydia Rosen- Prorpiter of boarding house
  • Mrs. Elvira Stern- Matchmaker
  • Mr. Isiah Babbino- Owner of general store
  • Mr. Nigel Churchill- Owner and editor of the Chronicle
  • Miss Vivian Silver- Switchboard operator 
  • Miss Katz- School Teacher
  • Miss Anastasia Mendoza- owner of small seamstress shop
  • Miss Ella Bach- Piano teacher
  • Mr. Hugh Michaels- newcomer

Scene 9
(Anastasia and Vivian are walking to the Hanukkah celebration)

Vivian- (Excitedly) Oh, Anastasia, I thought this night would never come. I'm so looking forward to the engagement announcement!

Anastasia- Now Vivian, before we go in, remember, after the choir has finished performing, the Latke Judging starts. That is when you sneak up to the roof, and when we all go outside for my speech on the stage, don't by any means release the doves until---

Vivian- (Interrupting) Doves? What doves? And what am I doing on the roof??

Anastasia- Oh, didn't I tell you? I bought some doves to be released right when I announce the engagement! They are up behind the chimney as we speak; I put them up there a couple of hours ago.  Oh, and be careful about that ladder getting up there.  Now as I was saying, when you hear me say "The new year will bring many happy things", that is when you let them out!

Vivian- Okay, but are you sure about this?

Anastasia- Of course, let's go in.

~ An hour later ~

Lydia- After much tasting, I have finally come to the conclusion that the winner is...

Julianne- (Whispering to Elvira) I can't wait to wipe that smile off Mrs. Astor's face!

Elvira- (Whispering back) Don't count your chicks before they hatch, Julianne.

Lydia- Mrs. Rachel Simmons! Come collect your prize!


Julianne- Rachel Simmons! Who is Rachel Simmons?

Elvira- They moved into town last month from Kansas.

Rachel Simmons- (Blushing heavily while taking gift card from Lydia) Thank you very much!!!

Lydia- Your very welcome.  (Turns to address the guests)  Let's all start to congregate outside around the stage, please.

(Anastasia spots Hugh Michaels in the moving crowd, and intercepts him)

Anastasia- Excuse me, I don't believe we've met.

Hugh- (Pleasantly) No, I don't think so. Hugh Michaels; I just started to work for Mr. Churchill.

Anastasia- Yes; I'm Anastasia Mendoza.  I own the boutique in town.

Hugh- Pleasure to meet you, Miss Mendoza.  I believe I passed by your shoppe the day I arrived.

Anastasia- Yes, you did...(catches herself) uh, I mean oh, is that a fact? 

Hugh- (A bit puzzled) Yes, it is.  Well, your taste is impeccable; I'm sure I'll stopping by soon.

Anastasia- Thank you.  I believe congratulations are in order, now that you have engaged your significant other!

Hugh- (Now mystified) My what???

Anastasia- (Smiling) Significant other? Soul mate... your better half???

Hugh- (Very mystified) I'm sorry I don't understand.

Anastasia- I mean your engagement to Ella Bach, naturally.

Hugh- Um, I think there has been a mistake; I'm not engaged to Miss Bach.

Anastasia- (Confused)  But, you must be. Vivian saw the ring box you got from Mr. Babbino!

Hugh- I never received a ring box....(Suddenly remembers) Oh, but my mother sent me my fathers pocket watch this past week....Perhaps, that's what she saw?

Anastasia- (Starting to get worried) Oh dear....., but no, Vivian said she distinctly overheard you say Ella's name right when she saw the ring....or the watch, rather.

Hugh- Well, your Vivian certainly is observant.  I was telling Mr. Babbino how Miss Bach had told me that I could find practically anything at his store which was good news to me, since I am a newcomer.

Anastasia- (Color draining from her face)  She...she did?

Hugh- Yes.  I met her that same day I passed your shop.  I was looking for the general store and she said she was going there anyway and would I like to walk with her?  Are you well, Miss Mendoza?

Anastasia- I...uh....I'm....(Tries to recover herself) of course I'm quite well.  I'm just...ah...astonished at this misunderstanding.

Hugh- (Suddenly concerned) Please don't think I'm speaking against Miss Bach!  She's been so kind to me ever since I moved to Pickleton Plateau.

Anastasia- Oh, of course not.  Well, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, I really am.

Hugh- Oh, it's quite alright, no harm was done.  At least this was just between us, and no one started planning an engagement party or anything, right?  We can at least be thankful for that.

Anastasia- (Feeling faint)  Party!  (Chuckles nervously)  No, just us...of course.....yes.....well, do excuse me, my speech is about to start.  (Leaves him and rushes over to Julianne at the punch table)  Mrs. Shapiro! Have you seen Vivian? Oh, what am I to do??

Julianne- I haven't seen her, Anastasia, what's the matter?

Anastasia- (Distressed) Oh, Mrs. Shapiro, a disaster beyond proportions has found it's way to my door!

Julianne- (Baffled)  What disaster?  Has Levi Swindolf started singing "Hava Nagila"?  I thought his wife had convinced him not to attempt it again this year?

Anastasia- No, Ella and Hugh Michaels aren't engaged after all!

Julianne- (Surprised)  Their not?  But I thought you saw the ring!

Anastasia- It wasn't a ring after all.  Oh, I have to find Vivian right away, where is she?

Julianne- You can't find her now; their all waiting for you to give your speech!  You go out, and I'll try to find her.

Anastasia- (Reluctantly) Oh alright.

(Walks outside and onto stage, where the Chava Detwiler stands ready to introduce her)

Chava- And now, we will hear from Miss Anastasia Mendoza!


Anastasia- (Nervous) Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen,...uh, honored guests and youngsters,....thank you so much for attending our Hanukkah Celebration. I, um, would just like to say that in this coming year, we... need to... Come down from the roofs of of our... distraction. Yes, and reign in the, the... doves of our self doubt! We must be strong! And we must re-dedicate ourselves so that we may be pure vessels that Hashem can use for His glory and delight! Happy Hanukkah and may we all have a blessed new year!


(Vivian rushes up to Anastasia)

Vivian- Oh, Anastasia. I heard the news, can you believe it? But, you were simply wonderful, Anastasia. Anastasia?

Anastasia- Oh, I feel faint. Oh, thank heavens it's over. I'm so mortified!  That could have gone so terribly wrong. Oh, just think of how embarrassed poor Ella would have been, let alone my own humiliation!

Vivian- I know!

Anastasia- Vivian, with you as my witness, for my new years resolution, I resolve to watch my tongue and not jump to conclusion!

Vivian- That's a resolution we should all make!

Scene 9
(Mr. Babbino's Store)

~ One Month Later ~

Mr. Babbino- (Exasperated) Vivian, if you keep starring out my window like that, you'll scare away all my customers. What a scowl you have! What's wrong?

Vivian- (Depressed) Nothing ever happens in Pickleton Plateau!

Mr. Babbino- How can you say that after your great Hanukkah party last month! What with all your female intervention in Ella's case, I would have thought you'd have had your fill of excitement?

Vivian- (Surprised) How did you find out?

Mr. Babbino- (Dusting his counter) Anastasia told me, in the strictest of confidences of course, last week when she put the finishing touches on my new coat.

Vivian- Oh, well, yes, it was exciting....,but that was last month and now everything is back to normal, and just as boring as ever!

Mr. Babbino- Be careful what you wish for, my dear, (dramatically continues) you never know what unknown disaster could be lurking right around the dark corners of this life! Anyway....will you watch the shop for me while I run to the Chronicle for a moment? That Englishman, Nigel misspelled all the French in my advertisement! I won't be long.

Vivian- (Dully) Of course.

Mr. Babbino- And do try to smile more, it promotes business...

Vivian- Very well, I'll try....how's this?  (Smiles broadly)

Mr. Babbino- (Disgustedly) Haunting!

(Mr. Babbino leaves, and a few minutes later the switchboard rings in her office)

Vivian- Hello, Number please?.....(Connects person to Monsieur Babbino's General Store, and then answers phone, ringing at the counter)  Monsieur Babbino's General Store?... I'm sorry I don't speak French, uh, no speaky frenchy....well I'm sorry, what else am I to do with you rattling off in French?....America is very informed about other cultures and their respective languages!...(Gasps) I understood that Monsieur!... No, I'm sorry he stepped out.....Bad news?.....Oh dear....Can I take a message?.....Oh, well alright. Goodbye, uh, Bonsoir. (She hangs up)  Hmmm, he spoke French, and had bad news, so bad he would rather call again than leave a message! Hmmm, how intriguing!  I think I just got my excitement!!!

~ The End ~                    

Hope you enjoyed this "Pilot" episode!  Let us know if you would 
be interested in additional episodes of Pickleton Plateau! :)     

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